Charles Myers jr is an event/portrait photographer based in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. 

When Charles was young, his parents gave him his first camera, a Kodak Instamatic.  He found great joy in taking pictures of his friends at play, his family.  Photography has been in his blood ever since.  In 1985, Charles got his first solo gig as a roving photographer at the Ebony Fashion Fare and founded C3Photography in 1993. 

Charles is a life photographer, specializing in capturing moments in time that feel good to his clients.  He focuses on tangible everyday things in their life that makes them smile.  Families, Cars, Pets and even Collectibles... in fact anything that is special to his clients. 

To this day, Charles still carries his youthful enthusiasm for photography.  Always wanting to keep up with changes in the industry, Charles continues to take courses on Photography.  He seeks out opportunities to work with other seasoned veterans in the field, never afraid to act as "back up" photographer at a wedding or other events. 

From the high school yearbook and operation desert storm, to youth athletics and family gatherings, Charles loves to capture "Moments in Time". 

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